Custom Product Artist Collaboration

Hello Bat Flip Family !

This past week has been a very exciting time! We have Teamed up with an amazing Artist, Ken Dela, to be able to offer our customers the option to personalize their gear with some custom hand painted creations. Ken can pretty much do anything, sky is the limit, his work is amazing. If you go to Our site and check out the Collection we have put together you will be shocked at the details He puts into His work. Collection are just samples, but the process is very simple.

1. Pick the style that suits you, this gives Ken an idea of what grabs your eye.

2. Place the order, which is a deposit to begin the process.

3. We will set up a time for you and Ken to elaborate and finalize the design for which ever product you have chosen.

4. Once finalized, you pay the balance and the production process begins.

5. Entire process is estimated to take 4-6 Weeks depending on Ken's schedule load at the time order is placed.

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